My Favorite Local Restaurant is El Sombrero
 We have a local restaurant that serves the best salsa on the planet.One of my favorite local restaurants is El Sombrero, otherwise known to some of the locals around here as "The Hat."El Sombrero serves authentic Mexican cuisine with plenty of spice. My absolute favorite thing is their salsa. It's loaded with cilantro, onions, and spices.If you like it spicy kick it up a notch and try their hot salsa, with bits of hot peppers and a bit of a bite.Both are fabulous! El Sombrero Serves Authentic Mexican Cuisine Some of my menu favorites include:
Tacos El Carbon~ With your choice of meat, 3 spicy soft tacos soaked in salsa, this is truly my favorite meal.Nachos El Sombrero~ A loaded nacho with everything but the kitchen sink. They don't go light on the toppings, and you can add your choice of meat.They also have endless combinations of tacos, burritos, taquitos, Mexican pizzas, quesadillas, chimichangas, and enchiladas. If you're looking for more traditional fare you can grab a steak or a cheese burger.There's Nothing Better Than El Sombrero's Salsa!

El Sombrero is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Miami County. There are two in Piqua and the other is Troy. Enjoy authentic Mexican food, American cuisine, and learn why folks travel far and wide to travel back to this favorite restaurant time after time! El Sombrero is part of the Miami County Barn Quilt Tour!
From: Trip Advisor
Oct 30, 2008 
I have travelled MANY places all over the US for my job. And have ate at MANY Mexican Restaurants... and El Sombrero is BY FAR my favorite Mexican restaurant!!! It's Authentic, the food is AMAZING and definitely not soaked in grease! The owner is an amazing person he donates millions of free turkey dinners for Thanksgiving! I just love the atmosphere, the friendly staff, and delicious food!!!

From: krs2fer    
Ft Wayne, IN
Nov 22, 2007 
The food is authentic, the service is outstanding and the prices are very reasonable. I drive out of my way to stop for lunch at the Troy Restaurant.

 From: A Trip Advisor reviewer on Facebook   
One of the best Mexican places in the Miami Valley. Plus the owner is a super guy, donates like a thousand free dinners to the needy for Thanksgiving every year. How can you not support a restaurant like thaTroyYogaGirl   1 contribution 
Troy, OH

From: Trip Advisor
Nov 15, 2007
Fun, family atmosphere where the food is prepared fresh, salsa is chunky and also made fresh daily, and the service is super fast and always friendly. This is not a typical chain restaurant - the owner is always around, making sure everything is running smoothly. And the margaritas are superb!!! I highly recommend El Sombrero - it's certainly my favorite restaurant in town!
From: TipperinOhio   
Aug 11, 2009 
Large portions, great food and friendly staff. best Mexican Food I have ever tasted in ANY state!